Quatre Grosgrain Bangle, small model

Bangle in yellow gold, small model

The Quatre Grosgrain line is a nod to Frédéric Boucheron's draper family, who inspired the delicacy of his creations. Proudly adorning the wrist, this yellow gold bangle has been finely sculpted and is ideally worn together with other motifs from the collection.

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Frédéric Boucheron

Frédéric Boucheron is born in 1831 into a family of clothiers. He breaks with family tradition at a young age to open his jewelry shop. Having learnt much about delicacy in materials, he begins to make his gold work as supple as the fabrics and lace of his childhood. Success is immediate and soon the whole of Paris is rushing to the door of his Palais Royal boutique. In 1893, he is the first jeweler to open a boutique Place Vendôme, making this place a showcase of savoir-vivre, savoir-faire and French elegance that has no equal in the world. It is Frédéric Boucheron's unique ability to capture the zeitgeist that also leads him to invent new ways of wearing jewelry. His success spreads abroad and the order books start to include the names of members of Royal families and later of Hollywood's biggest stars. 

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Quatre Grosgrain Bangle, small model

Bangle in yellow gold, small model

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Yellow gold 750 14,53g

Ref.: JBT00747

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