A Collection of Animals

A Collection of Animals

Animals symbolize virtues, character traits, or values. They become totems when mounted on a ring, a necklace, a brooch or earrings. Set with emeralds or sapphires by Boucheron’s gifted artisans, animals become precious and exclusive companions. Hummingbird or wolf, polar bear or white swan: over 20 different species fill the bestiary of the Collection of Animals.

Nara, the Doe Ring Ring set with white diamonds, black sapphires and onyx, in yellow gold

Nara the doe is a symbol of kindness and femininity, both gentle and delicate. Comes in its yellow-gold, diamond-set version. Its wild and intense black sapphire eyes will look after the woman who will choose her.

39 round diamonds 0,26 ct
2 black sapphires 0,50 ct
1 onyx 0,20 ct
Yellow gold 750/1000 16,46g

Sleepers Serpent Bohème Sleepers set with round diamonds, in yellow gold

A reserved outfit to a strong piece? Don't be so sure. These precious earrings perfectly match a man's couture suit, but can also be truly cheeky with a denim jacket and a pair of boots, for a strongly contemporary outfit.

160 round diamonds 9,44 carat
Yellow gold 750/1000 26,61 g

Long necklace Serpent Bohème Long necklace set with round diamonds, in yellow gold

This piece is nothing but the temptation of infinity. The long Serpent Bohème necklace brings panache to your cocktail attire, or sets fire to a cashmere high-neck jumper and strict pencil skirt.

627 round diamonds 20,84 carat
Yellow gold 750/1000 62,73 g