Hôtel de la Lumière

Halo Delilah

Paying homage to its ancestors, a family of cloth drapers, the Maison Boucheron’s collections have regularly been inspired by Haute Couture. Using technique to enhance creativity, it goes beyond the boundaries of its craft to transform gold into a precious fabric, weaving it to make it as supple and light as a delicate drapé cloth. For the Halo Delilah set, inspired by a Jean Cocteau creation for an independent and confident woman, the thread disappears to enhance the sparkle of the stones.

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To create is to remember

Boucheron’s fascination for precious materials is limitless. Constantly seeking excellence, the Maison passionately explores the mysteries of rare stones and metals. Indeed, not contented with unveiling their secrets, Boucheron seeks out the challenge of replicating these wonders of nature.

Just as it imitates nature’s glorious peacock feather, the Maison also imitates one of its favorite themes, Couture, by transforming gold into a gossamer fabric.

The Magician of Stones

The Halo Delilah set is unique thanks to its gradation of diamonds and morganites.

The presence of manganese is what gives morganite its intense pink hue. So as to bring out the full beauty of the color and its subtle mauve accents, the morganite has to be of a minimum size. It can then unveil its splendour and delicately enhance the skin.

The Hands of Light

Two things make the Halo Delilah set extraordinary: the suppleness of the necklace and the transparency of the stones.

Following the great jewelry tradition, Boucheron’s artisans started from the stones to create the gold metal structure rather than the opposite. This way, the metal is nearly invisible on the necklace.

Light and fluid to the touch, this claspless necklace sits delicately on the skin, ending with two diamond and morganite drops set in an Art Deco-inspired design.

The Sparkle of Soul

Morganite stone is said to have a calming and soothing power. Also, like all of the pink gemstones, it has the reputation of attracting love and passion.
The Halo Delilah offers even more than a pledge of love. It shines out thanks to its iconic status as a symbol of power and freedom.

Both free and very feminine, Halo Delilah is a proud participant in this story: it is a modern jewel made for women with character who believe in making their own destiny.