Quatre Blue Edition

New quatre blue edition creations

The Quatre collection first arrived in the Maison in 2004, introducing its signature graphic style and contemporary individuality to the Boucheron universe. This season, it’s the turn of Bleu de Paris to unleash some new life into the Quatre collection. Like a contemporary reflection matching the color of your jeans, that essential ally for your wardrobe. This new collection is the perfect accomplice for every look.

New quatre blue edition creations
New quatre blue edition creations

Quatre Blue Edition Pendant

Light blue and set with a round diamond, the Quatre Blue Edition pendant enjoys playing with all the shades of denim. After all, wasn’t it the pendant that inspired the creation of this new line?

Quatre Blue Edition Necklace

Just as jeans suit every situation, this sliding necklace plays a game of metamorphosis: it can be worn as a tie necklace, slipping under the collar of a white blouse or in the V-neck of a bright blue sweater, placed on a naked back whilst wearing a sweater dress or even as a chain with a simple fitted top.

New quatre blue edition creations

Quatre Blue Edition Ring

This Boucheron icon, laced with a dash of bright blue, is an intense combination of simplicity with just a hint of madness, a timeless essential.

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